Sunday, November 20, 2005

Thanksgiving countdown...

Yikes- it's only four days until Thanksgiving, and I just don't have it together yet. We're hosting a total of 12 people; 10 adults and two of my kids, and I really need to just sit down and start planning this meal...

And my knitting....I just started on my second pair of socks, this time with size 2 needles and some yummy yarn I picked up at the Knitter's Review Retreat. My older son is going to be the recipient, and he's eagerly tracking my process. He thinks the DPN's look *dangerous*, though!

My other WIPs...still working on my Reynolds Blizzard strip afghan (don't tell my husband how much the yarn costs). I have two large strips done, and about 2/3 of the way done with the third, then I have to make two small strips and sew together. I'm also continuing the sometimes frustrating "Catch a Wrap" shawl using LB Microspun, the yarn that does the *splits*. I hate having to count the stitches after almost every row:-(

I started a shawl in Cascade Pastaza for my dad's girlfriend, using a stitch motif out of the Harmony Guides, and the yarn is lovely to work with and is so warm.

Abandoned projects- I gave up on the LB Suede. I had been working on a dropped-stitch scarf, but that yarn is unforgiving and stiff. I ended up returning the unopened skeins. Bah!